there is this super fucking obnoxious girl in my school and she’s like inserted herself into my group of friends and its like please leave you are annoying and obnoxious

she’s always like having a pity contest with people and constantly talking about her problems like

who are you we aren’t friends dont talk to me about your fucking eating disorder in detail what do you want me to say

like get some fucking help you idiot otherwise shut up about it im not a walking “feel better” machine i’ve got my own shit going on

like i tried to be nice to her n shit but its like this girl isnt bringing anything to the fucking table 

all she does is talk about herself and her problems.

like friendship is a give and take and all you’re doing is asking to be given something

ontop of this she says the dumbest fucking things like somewhere in the realm of trying to be funny or fun to be around but just missing the mark completely. like she makes off handed comments about shit we dont care about

and she fucking sings like les miserables  or whatever that dumb fucking play is like holy shit worst voice ontop of that its like super whiney n shit 

and like she’s constantly like


a.  i tried to be your friend you dumb asshole

b. you are coming here every fucking day and talking to us since the beginning of the year what are we to you???

at this point we’ve all just began to ignore her and only respond if we’ve been spoken to directly. cause she makes like vague statements to the whole group normally.

except for bae who hasn’t been around a lot and she’s like the light of my life and she finds the best in people and so she talks with her but then this dumb bitch started talkin about the college bae’s ex boyfriend is going to and talking like how its a place with hot people and blah blah blah

and im just giving her the slightest angry look and im just like

"stop talking" and she keeps fucking talking

like that made me so angry like bae was getting upset 

i hate this bitch and i want her out of my fucking group

like i would but she may kill herself or something but goddamn i want to kick her out

all these fucking k pop fans being fetishistic tho like calm down guys holy shit

chances are your fucking bias do some shitty things and pee and get too drunk sometimes and hurt other people and feel hurt

i seriously can stand white dick like naked white men are so fucking gross

like white dick n shit

and like spaghetti like pink thin and long like EWWWWW

the worst thing is that white boys are the most fucking pushy and try-hard when it comes to getting into my pants

i hope i dont come off as fetishistic of POC but like i just cant stand white boys like majority white boys just flat out dont know anything.

they’re racist and sexist!

i know MOC can be racist and sexist aswell